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​Metal solutions

​Our company

Mayder has evolved to respond to all types of projects related to metal parts, combining the accumulated experience with the new demands of the sector and contemporary society.

Convertidor CRS-2000 para ferroviaria


​We offer metal solutions for small and large businesses. Our services range from the engineering part where we will help you configure your project to the mechanization of said project.

​We have the most modern tools to provide an agile and quality response and satisfy the demands of our clients. CAD-3D makes it possible to visualize projects before manufacturing to dynamically see the assembly and act on possible interferences.

Industrial folder

​We design and manufacture phased and progressive matrices with all types of materials such as iron, aluminum alloys, galvanized, brass, copper, etc. In our facilities, we have presses of up to 70t to process the final products.

Diemaking and stamping

​Our machinery allows us to produce products without investing in molds or matrices but with the same precision. Furthermore, new technologies make it possible to offer products that, due to their size and characteristics, would not be possible in die-casting.

Industrial ironwork

​From Mayder we also offer the possibility of mechanizing your fish.

Sovint ens trobem que necessitem molder internal parts of the piece, such as bevels, internal threads, flares,… Això is possible thanks to the machining centers.

Operator working with folder


​More than 60 years of activity support us

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